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Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela was the first outside Australia's Major city showing museum-quality artworks for the public display and acquisition. Specialising in selling works of art of impeccable provenance, Galeria Aniela won the trust of important artists (from the post WWII until today) and built high-repute in Australia and the World.

The BOYD family show in Galeria Aniela coup the front page of Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National NEWS ABC TV and Sunday Afternoon ABC TV. Perceval Retrospective conquer Australian National NEWS ABC TV and Charles Blackman Retrospective attain Art-Scream.

Deepest thanks to Cameron O’Reilly, David Attenborough, Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia and many art-buyers and collectors for their support.

Fine Art is one of the most enjoyable and viable essential investments in wellbeing.


Galeria Aniela continue selling work of renowned Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal artists including Jamie Boyd, Arthur Boyd, Brett Whiteley, Charles Blackman, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd, John Perceval, John Olsen, Stephen Glassborow, Charlie Tjapangarti, Robin Holliday, Danielle Legge, Nancy Nungurrayi, Regina Noakes, Ningura Napurrula, William Sandy Billy Stockman, Bobby West Tjupurrula, Mrs. Bennett-Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa, Garry Shead and more.

We specialize in the Primary Market. When you purchase a work of art from Galeria Aniela, we immediately pay the artist helping artists make a living with their creations.

Whether you are a first time buyer, an enthusiastic collector or an astute investor, our people focused approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

If you consider buying a specific artwork, we source ART from the artist, in line with your requirements and within your budget, helping you to save time and money.

Galeria Aniela gallery is open by appointment-only for buyer's private-viewing-&-shows

If you love price-worthy Art of impeccable provenance, the art you want is at Galeria Aniela

     Arthur BOYD
Ningura Napurrula  Andrew Sibley  David BOYD         Arthur BOYD       

Arthur BOYD   Arthur BOYD    Arthur BOYD
      Arthur BOYD                 Guy BOYD    

 Brett Whiteley   Brett Whiteley

       Jamie BOYD            Brett Whiteley                         


                Jamie BOYD                        Robin Holliday  Stephen Glassborow

John PERCEVAL   Arthur BOYD   Lily Lion   Lily Lion

 John PERCEVAL                     Arthur BOYD        Lily Lion

John PERCEVAL        Arthur BOYD

John PERCEVAL                Margaret Scobie   Arthur BOYD


Charles Blackman 1928-2018


Don Tjungarrayi   Sabina Brown Nampitjinpa   William Sandy 


Jamie BOYD                          Danielle Legge            


John OLSEN                Minnie Pwerle          Anna Petyarre

Ningura Napurrula            David BOYD   


The vision of Galeria Aniela is to
increase the awareness of artists cultural contribution. Galeria Aniela strives for the high ideals in a tranquil manner. With a wide network of resources we provide quality professional friendly service.

Galeria Aniela is by appointments-only for private-viewings and showings


   Arthur BOYD       

  Arthur BOYD                 Wentja Napaltjarri

John Perceval    John PERCEVAL   John PERCEVAL 



   Stephen Glassborow    Kinga Rypinska       Regina Noakes              


Deborah Halpern       Lenore BOYD                                     


Lindsay Bird    Audrey Morton        Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa     

              Lynette Granites Nampijinpa

        William Sandy             Bobby West      Eileen Bird   Lynette Granites


     Long Jack Phillipus      Billy Stockman          Barney Campbell     Gloria Petyarre


Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela coup the front page of Sydney Moring Herald (SMH)


Fine Art is one of the most enjoyable and viable essential investments in wellbeing.


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A Arthur BOYD, Andrew Sibley, Anna Petyarre, Anna Timouth, Alan Somerville, Audrey Morton

B Barbara Reid, Barney Campbell, Billy Stockman, Bobby West, Bogdan Fialkowski, Brett Whiteley

C Charles Blackman, Celia Perceval, Charlie Tjapangarti

D Danielle Legge, David BOYD, Deborah Halpern, Dino Rogliani, Don Tjungarrayi

E Eileen Bird, Esther Giles

G Garry Shead, Gloria Petyarre, Glory Mills Petyarre, Gracie Morton, Guy BOYD

J Jamie Boyd, Jeannie Mills, Jimmy Robertson, John Olsen, John Perceval, Joy Nakamarra, Judy Purvis

K Katie Kemarre, Kinga Rypinska

L Lenore BOYD, Lily Kelly Napangardi, Lily Lion, Lindsay Bird, Long Jack Phillipus, Lucky Morton, Lynette Corby, Lynette Granites

M Margaret Scobie, Margaret Olley, Maureen Purvis, Maureen Morgan, Minnie Pwerle

N Nancy Nungurrayi, Nellie Marks, Ningura Napurrula, Ngoia Pollard, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa

P Pamela Griffith, Pansy Napangardi, Patsy Long, Peggy Nakamarra, Peggy Purvis, Peter Smith

R Robin Granites, Robin Holliday, Regina Noakes, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Ruby Morton

S Sabina Brown Nampitjinpa, Scobie Napurrula, Stephen Glassborow

T Tessa Perceval, Tjawina Porter

W Wentja Napaltjarri, William Sandy

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