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Welcome! Established in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust of some of the most important Australian artists from post-WWII up until today, built a reputation within Australia and the wide world. A pioneer from its inception, Galeria Aniela was the first commercial gallery exhibiting museum-quality-art for the public display and acquisition, outside the metropolitan area in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, a top 10 holiday destination in Australia.

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Blackman, Charles (B.1928)

Bennett, Mrs. (1935-2013)

Boyd, Arthur (1920-1999)

Boyd, David (1924-2011)

Boyd, Jamie (B.1948)

Boyd, Guy Sculptor (1923-1988)

Boyd, Lenore Sculptor (B.1953)

Boyd, Nathaniel (B.1983)

Campbell, Barney (1928-2007)

Crooke, Ray (B.1922)

Fialkowski, Bogdan (B.1943)

Fencer, Lorna (1920-2006)

Gittoes, George (B.1949)

Glassborow, Stephen Sculptor

Granites, Lynette (B.1950)

Griffith, Pamela (B.1943)

Hill, David Robert (B.1947)

Halpern, Deborah (B.1957) Sculptor

Henry, Col Sculptor

Holliday, Robin (1932-2014) Sculptor

Hsiang, Pin Hsun (B.1958) Sculptor

Kemarre, Katie (B.1943)

Kemarre, Patsy Long (B.1952)

Kngwarrey, Lily Lion (B.1964)

Legge, Danielle (B.1953) Sculptor

Morton, Audrey (B.1952)

Morton, Gracie (B.1956)

Morton, Lucky (B.1951)

Morton, Ruby (B.1968)

Mpetyane, Lindsay Bird (B.1935)

Marks, Elizabeth (B.1958)

Nakamarra, Joy (B.1959)

Nakamarra, Peggy White (B.1949)

Nampitjinpa, Colleen (1936-2009)

Nampitjinpa, Esther Giles (B.1948)

Napaltjarri, Maureen (B.1970)

Napaltjarri, Wentja (B.1923)

Napangardi, Barbara Reid (B.1962)

Napangardi, Lily Kelly (B.1948)

Napangardi, Pansy (B.1947)

Napurrula, Ningura (1938-2013)

Noakes, Regina

Nolan, Sidney (1917-1992)

Nunguarrayi, Nancy Ross (1935-2010)

Olsen, John (B.1928)

Olley, Margaret (1923 - 2011)

Phillipus, Long Jack (B.1932)

Perceval, John (1923 - 2000)

Perceval, Celia (B.1949)

Perceval, Tessa (B.1947)

Petyarre, Anna (B.1965)

Petyarre, Eleen Bird (B.1956)

Petyarre, Gloria (B.1945)

Petyarre, Glory Mills (B.1932)

Petyarre, Jeannie Mills (B.1965)

Petyarre, Judy Purvis (B.1962)

Petyarre, Maureen Purvis (B.1963)

Petyarre, Peggy Purvis (B.1948)

Porter, Tjawina (B.1950)

Pwerle, Minnie (1910-2006)

Robertson, Jimmy (1944-2002)

Rogliani, Dino (B.1932) Sculptor

Rypinska, Kinga (B.1956)

Sandy, William (B.1944)

Scobie, Margaret (B.1948)

Shead, Garry (B.1942)

Sibley, Andrew (B.1933)

Smith, Peter (1936-2005) Sculptor

Somerville, Alan Sculptor

Spencer, Gaye (B.1961) Sculptor

Stockman, Billy (B.1927)

Timouth, Anna (B.1950)

Tjampitjinpa, Ronnie (B.1943)

Tjapangarti, Charlie (B.1949)

Tjupurrula, Bobby West (B.1958)

Tjungarrayi, Don (B.1938)

Weaver, Susan (B.1958)

Whiteley, Brett (1939-1992)

Prestige Home selling in NSW Australia

Art house Estate in private paradise


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Galeria Aniela art gallery

PHOTO: (left) John Perceval,  one of the leading Australian painters of the late 20th century, (right) Aniela Kos in Perceval Studio (1999)
ABC TV Australian National NEWS Perceval Retrospective  John Perceval & Aniela Kos

 Aniela Kos, Bob Hawke , Blanche D'Alpuget, Jamie Boyd and Helena Boyd

CLICK Video: Boyd - ABC TV National News in Galeria Aniela CLICK Video: John Perceval - ABC TV National News in Galeria Aniela    CLICK Video: Boyd - ABC National TV 'Sunday Afternoon Art Review' in Galeria Aniela
ABC TV News in Galeria Aniela Boyd show  -  ABC TV News John Perceval  -  ABC TV Sunday Afternoon

     Photo: Charles Blackman (left), Aniela Kos (right) in Galeria Aniela, 2002 - CLICK Video: SBS TV National Australian TV 'Art-Scream' Charles Blackman Retrospective in Galeria Aniela Photo: (left) Gary Ticehurst, ABC TV News Pilot, (centre) Aniela Kos, (right) Aniela's Assistant Glenda | CLICK Video: ABC TV Australian National News Perceval Retrospective in Galeria Aniela, 2000
Charles Blackman & Aniela| Sir David Attenborough with Aniela |Gary Ticehurst & Aniela + Assistant

The vision of Galeria Aniela is to increase the awareness of the significant cultural contribution of Artists and in particular Australian artists and Australian Indigenous artists. Galeria Aniela is committed to significant dynamic artists such as Charles Blackman, Bennett, Arthur Boyd and Jamie Boyd, Halpern, Holliday, Napangardi, Napurrula, Nolan, Olsen, Perceval, Petyarre, Ross, Shead, Whiteley and others.

We aim to be a place of experience and inspiration through art collections, gallery showrooms, sculpture park, exhibitions, programs, research and assistance. Combining the knowledge of art and financial expertise with over 20 years experience in the World Art Market and a wide network of resources, we provide guidance for collectors and investors who acquire works of art for the pleasure it gives, shipping worldwide. We recognize the importance of the buyer confidence in securing authentic, ethically sourced, genuine art of impeccable provenance.

Whether you are a first time buyer, an enthusiastic collector or an astute investor, our people focused approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Works of art live for generation, bringing new dreams and new ways of seeing our world, be part of the magic world of the finest of art to experience and enrich your heart, mind and soul.

Galeria Aniela offers an opportunity to purchase museum-quality, authentic, ethically sourced, genuine art of impeccable provenance, shipping worldwide. We provide guidance for collectors and investors who acquire works of art for the pleasure it gives. Please visit our gallery showrooms or phone +612 4465 1494


fine art is one of the most enjoyable and viable investments

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