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Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust of most important Australian artists from the post WWII until today. Specializing in selling museum-quality ART of impeccable provenance, Galeria Aniela built repute in Australia and the World. Highly appreciate Cameron O’Reilly, Sir David Attenborough, Bob Hawke, the former Australian Prime Minister and art-buyers for their support. Our BOYD family exhibition coup the front page Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National NEWS, ABC TV and Sunday Afternoon, ABC TV. John Perceval Retrospective won Australian National NEWS, ABC TV and Charles Blackman Retrospective the SBS ART-Scream.

Relocated to Bowral, Galeria Aniela continues to represent significant contemporary Australian artists and their work. When you purchase ART from Galeria Aniela, we immediately pay the artist, helping artists make living with their creations including Jamie Boyd, Lenore Boyd, John Olsen, Arthur Boyd, Stephen Glassborow, John Perceval, Bogdan Fialkowski, Charles Blackman, Ningura Napurrula and many more.

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We specialize in museum-quality ART of impeccable provenance. When you buy art from Galeria Aniela, we immediately pay the artist, helping artists make a living with their creations.

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At Galeria Aniela, we continually strive to provide buyers the highest quality service to make rewarding purchases in a safe environment. Whether you are a first time buyer, an enthusiastic collector or an astute investor, our people focused, professional and friendly approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


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The Secondary Art Market


Once a buyer decides to sell an artwork, it enters the secondary market, which is managed by auction houses.

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Galeria Aniela does NOT appraise the secondary art market. We do NOT buy artworks. We specialize in the primary market selling works of art from artists to the buyer. 



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