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If you love Art of impeccable provenance, the art you want is at Galeria Aniela


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Galeria Aniela provides experienced guidance in acquiring Fine Art objects of impeccable provenance and quality, shipping worldwide.

We combine expertise and highly specialized knowledge from the point of the quality and the investment value, with a wide network of resources.

With expertise in Australian art and international art market, we advise and assist art buyers in all aspects of the purchase of original art objects by famous artists, helping buyers save time and money.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, to discuss ways in which Galeria Aniela can assist you now and in the future.


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We nurture buyers regardless of wealth and status, advising on purchases according to individual interest and taste.

Our people focused approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Ideally, buying ART for the pleasure it gives, should always take precedence over a pure investment.

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Arthur Boyd, Charles Blackman, David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd, Barbara Reid, Robin Holliday, Gracie Morton, Danielle Legge, Wentja Napaltjarri, Pansy Napangardi, Ningura Napurrula, Regina Noakes, John Olsen, John Perceval,  Glory Mills Petyarre, Minnie Pwerle, Dino Rogliani, William Sandy, Billy Stockman, Long Jack Phillipus, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Charlie Tjapangarti, Bobby West Tjupurrula, Don Tjungarray, Lucky Morton Kngwarreye, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa aka Mrs. Bennett, and more.

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Having a long history with the Boyd family, Galeria Aniela is honored to offer for the viewing and acquisition museum-quality work of Arthur Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd, David Boyd.

Photo: Arthur Boyd, wife Yvonne & Aniela, 1997The Boyd family began in 1860 with the marriage Emma Minnie Boyd à Beckett and Arthur Merric Boyd Senior.

The Boyd family produced artists, writers, painters, sculptors and architects including Arthur Boyd (1920-1999) (father Merric Boyd, mother Doris) uncles Penleigh Boyd & Martin Boyd.

Arthur's sister, Mary married John Perceval, later Sidney Nolan. Brothers Guy Boyd, David Boyd

Arthur Boyd(1920-1999) is one of Australia’s most famous Australian artists, together with his wife Yvonne, made a generous, unique cultural gift (1993) of his Bundanon properties and art collections to Australian.



Aniela bought 8 acres of a country paddock in Kangaroo Valley to built Galeria Aniela Fine Art.

Photo: Southern Highlands, January 2006, The Illawarra Mercury, Arts Review, The Weekender, 26 March 2005 , picture Aniela1994

Aniela built an architecturally designed, ECO-friendly (ahead of its time) building, crafted from cool mud-bricks and warm timbers, set against the beautiful 'Red Rock' escarpment.

With sensitivity to the environment, the 8 acres of her country paddock Aniela transformed to a Sculpture Park. The natural beauty was enhanced by cultivated flora, water-retaining trees provide fruits and flowers all around the year and attract beautiful native birds and fauna. 

1994, 19 November

Galeria Aniela has opened doors to the public at large VIDEO Galeria Aniela opens 19 November 1994 officially open by Justice Jane Mathews AO.

Many said that Galeria Aniela is a place of experience and inspiration and a work of art in itself.

A pioneer from its inception, Galeria Aniela won the trust of the most important Australian artists from post WWII until today.


18 May 1997 - The Best of BOYD family Focus exhibition launch by Cameron O'Reilly Deputy Chairman of National Gallery of Australia. The BOYD family exhibition, was arranged with Arthur Boyd personal support.

For the first time ever, away from major Australian cities, an art gallery show work of the most important Australian artists to the public at large for display and acquisition.

photo from left: Jamie Boyd, Cameron O'Reilly NGA Chairman, Aniela, 1997

Arthur Boyd together with brothers David Boyd and Guy Boyd, son Jamie Boyd and nieces Lenore Boyd and Tessa Perceval for All-BOYD exhibition under one roof of Galeria Aniela.

Arthur Boyd could have easily secure the Boyd family show in London's public gallery, New York or Paris, to Aniela's delight, Boyd choose Galeria Aniela, a private art gallery, near Bundanon.


The Best of BOYD family exhibition consist of 80 paintings and 40 bronzes for public viewing and acquisition displayed in the gallery and sculpture park.

Thousands of people arrived from around Australia and the world to enjoy the unique the Boyd family exhibition showing together 6 Boyd's artists for the first time ever.

Australian National Gallery embraced Galeria Aniela in What's on Art-on-view NGA magazine.

The Best of BOYD family Focus exhibition captured Australian National NEWS, ABC TV

Click VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News, the Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela, 1997  Video BOYD Australian National NEWS, the ABC TV

Galeria Aniela's BOYD exhibition televised on Sunday Afternoon, ABC TV

 Click VIDEO: Australian National ABC TV 'Sunday Afternoon Art Review' Video Sunday Afternoon ABC TV


The Best of BOYD exhibition coup the front page of the front page Sydney Morning Herald.

"Clan gathers for all-Boyd show.

This is perfect, said Arthur Boyd,

I think we had better make a habit of it,

Where better, then, to exhibit for the first time the Boyd family?

all under the one roof of Galeria Aniela"

Written by: Angela Bennie, Sydney Morning Herald Arts Editor, Journalist, Writer and Literary Editor.



David Boyd exhibition 'Music and Angels’ officially lunch by Blanche D'Alpuget consists the new series of  paintings. Boyd created ‘Music and Angels’ to honor daughter Amanda, she passed away 29 August 1998. The remarkable artist David Boyd reminds about the importance of joy every day.

VIDEO (part 1): David Boyd Music and Angels filmed by Australian WIN Televisioin

VIDEO (part 2): David Boyd Music and Angels filmed by Australian WIN Television

Video YouTube: David Boyd |Music and Angel| exhibition filmed by Australian Nine Network TV




Galeria Aniela sells ethically sourced Australian Aboriginal art 

 Photo: Aniela & Esther Giles, Alice Springs, August 2006 Photo: Aniela & Esther Giles, Alice Springs, August 2006 Photo: Tjawina Porter & Aniela, Yanda Gallery, Alice Springs Studio, August 2006. Photo: Famous Mrs Bennett, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa & Aniela, Alice Springs, August 2006  Photo: Famous artist Mrs Bennett, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa & Aniela, Alice Springs, August 2006.



John Perceval Retrospective open on 19 August 2000 by Chairman Sotheby’s Australia, Justin Miller continued until 19 October 2000, boasting for public viewing and acquisition 80 works of art from 1944 to 1999.

For the first time, Perceval Retrospective was freely open to the public at large for viewing and acquisition in NSW at Galeria Aniela.

Click VIDEO: ABC TV National News John Perceval Retrospective at Galeria Aniela, August 2000The exhibition conquered Australian National NEWS, the ABC TV

YouTube VIDEO: Australian National NEWS Perceval Retrospective

VIDEO website: Perceval Retrospective Australian National News

John Perceval is one of Australia's most important and most  loved artists.

'Scudding Swans' sold for $552,500 set the record for the highest price for a painting by a living Australian artist and it was the record result for the artist.


John Perceval made a strong impact virtually as soon as he had begun in the 1940's at the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria he redefined Australian art. By the 60's Perceval developed an individually unique style achieving great recognition, success and artistic acclaim.


1958 McCaughey Prize; 1960 Wynne Prize; 1966 Albert Hall Canberra Perceval Retrospective; 1984 Heide Museum of Modern Art Perceval Retrospective; 1990 National Gallery of Victoria Perceval Retrospective; 1991 Officer of the Order of Australia; 1992 National Gallery of Victoria John Perceval Retrospective (1945 to 1992), 2000 Galeria Aniela held Perceval Retrospective (1944 to 1999),

John Perceval Retrospective at Galeria Aniela was the artist last exhibition for the artist he passed away October 2000. Later his Sulphur Smoke painting sold for $589,000.

John Perceval Retrospective exhibition was arranged with the artist personal involvement, encouragement and the input and helpful assistance the artist Manager Dr Ken McGregor.





2002 Charles Blackman exhibition open by Rod Menzies comprised 80 paintings from 1945 to 1985 for public viewing and acquisition 

VIDEO:  Art Scream Review Australian TV Blackman Trust

supported by the artist, and the Blackman Trust


2004 Sir David Attenborough visit



2007 VIDEO: Hon. Bob Hawke the former Prime Minister of Australia recognizes Galeria Aniela contribution to Australian Aboriginal culture

PHOTO: (left) Aniela Kos, (centre) Hon. Bob Hawke, the Former Prime Minister of Australia and (left) Blanche D'Alpuget (2007) |VIDEO: Aboriginal art exhibition in Galeria Aniela (2007)



2010 The Boyd exhibition officially open by Tim Goodman, Chairman Sotheby's Australia in March for public viewing and acquisition it made a lasting impression on those that experience it and was widely canvas by Australian media (2010).

2012 A Century of Boyd Exhibition open by Hon. Bob Hawke, the former Prime Minister of Australia an opportunity to acquire top-quality original works of art, of impeccable provenance and quality, by some of the most important Australian artists, paintings and sculptures previously unseen for public viewing some for acquisition.

The BOYD family exhibition coup the front page of Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National News ABC TV and Sunday Afternoon ABC TV. John Perceval Retrospective conquer Australian National News ABC TV and Charles Blackman Retrospective attain Art-Scream.

Photo: David Boyd and Aniela in Galeria Aniela, 2010 October Photo: aniela, Jamie Boyd, Helena Boyd in Galeria Aniela, March 2010Click VIDEO: Photo: North Shore Times, 26 April 1996, Jamie Boyd Exhibition, picture Arthur Boyd and Aniela in Galeria Aniela


Galeria Aniela continue selling renowned artist's work including Jamie Boyd, Arthur Boyd, Brett Whiteley, Charles Blackman, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd, John Perceval, John Olsen, Stephen Glassborow, Charlie Tjapangarti, Robin Holliday, William Sandy, Danielle Legge,  Ningura Napurrula, Billy Stockman, Garry Shead, Nancy-Nungurrayi, Bobby West Tjupurrula, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa aka Mrs. Bennett and many more.


Galeria Aniela specializes in selling museum-quality artworks of impeccable provenance.

Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela has been exhibiting and hosting the world-class artists as well as receiving celebrities such as Sir David Attenborough, Cameron O’Reilly and Bob Hawke, 23rd Prime Minister of Australia.

Selling quality works of art of impeccable provenance and shipping worldwide, Galeria Aniela has built the strong standing in Australia and Internationally.

Galeria Aniela's John Perceval Retrospective Coup the Australian National NEWS, ABC TV and Charles Blackman Retrospective conquer the SBS Art-Scream.

watch video |Galeria Aniela FINE ART dealer-consultant

The BOYD family exhibition coup the front page of the  Sydney Morning Herald and Australian National NEWS, ABC TV and also Sunday Afternoon, ABC TV.

watch video Jamie BOYD works of art

If you love Art of
impeccable provenance, the ART you want is at Galeria Aniela.

shipping worldwide

When you purchase a work of art from Galeria Aniela, we immediately pay the artist, helping artists make a living with their creations. 

Galeria Aniela combines artistic knowledge, expertise with a wide network of resources and attribution of a work of art.


We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, please feel free to contact us to discuss ways in which Galeria Aniela can assist you now and in the future.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, an astute investor or enthusiastic collector, our people focused approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

If you require an advice or consider buying or selling an original work of art, we respond quickly helping you to save time and money.

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The Boyd Family exhibition   The Best of BOYD exhibition   John Perceval AO Retrospective


PHOTO: (from left) Hon. Bob Hawke the former Prime Minister of Australia, Aniela Kos, Anne Maria Nicholson Reporter ABC TV, Helena Boyd

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