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Guy Martin à Beckett BOYD SCULPTURE (1923-1988)


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Guy Boyd 1923-1988 belongs to the Boyd family that began in 1886 with the marriage of Emma Minnie Boyd à Beckett 1858-1936 and Arthur Merric Boyd Senior 1862-1940.

VIDEO Guy Boyd, Australian National News ABC TV

VIDEO Guy Boyd, Sunday Afternoon ABC TV

Father William Merric Boyd (1888-1959), Brothers Arthur Boyd and David Boyd, Daughter Lenore Boyd

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Janusz Kuzbicki B. 1958


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Janusz Kuzbicki Commissions range from small to monumental, architectural application for civil and ecclesiastical purpose from bronzes to major 'Centenary of Australian Federation stained glass window' for Windsor Castle, UK presented to Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II.


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Lenore BOYD SCULPTURE Born 1954 


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is a renown Australian artist influenced by classical Master including Auguste Rodin, Aristide Maillol, Michelangelo, Antoine Bourdelle and Guy Boyd (1923-1888).

Lenore Boyd has deep understanding of the human form and appreciation, began sculpting at an early age, studied sculptural technique in studio of her father Guy Boyd, a famous Australian sculptor.

VIDEO: Lenore Boyd Australian National News ABC TV

VIDEO: Lenore Boyd Sunday Afternoon ABC TV


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Stephen Glassborow SCULPTURE


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Stephen Glassborow is one of the most successful and most prominent Australian artists. Glassborow specializes in bronze Sculptures, exhibiting widely around the world.

COLLECTION: Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Korea, China, America and Europe.



Museum-quality works of impeccable provenance

Deborah Halpern SCULPTURE  Born 1957

Deborah Halpern is one of Australia's most celebrated sculptors. Creator of many Melbourne’s most loved mosaic public sculptures inspired by the free spirit of Gaudi and Picasso.

Halpern's Angel was commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria and Ophelia is the official face of Melbourne. Halpern works exude vitality and simplicity.

Spontaneous in form, Halpern sculptures recalls visions of playful surrealism of French sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle, yet all are distinctly Halpern with ability to delight and surprise.

Museum-quality works of impeccable provenance

Robin Holliday SCULPTURE (1932-2014)


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Robin Holliday  is an important Australian sculptor with a distinguished career in molecular biology.

He proposed a mechanism of DNA-strand exchange that attempted to explain gene-conversion events that occur during meiosis in fungi.

Robin Holliday model first proposed in 1964 is now known as the Holliday Junction.


Museum-quality works of impeccable provenance

Danielle Legge SCULPTURE  Born 1953

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AWARDS: (1998) the Stanthorpe Arts Festival SCULPTURE competition Award

COLLECTION: Australia, America, Mexico, England,  Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Tasmania.


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 Dino Rogliani SCULPTURE (1932 - 2017)


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AWARDS: 2008 Winner Exibition Campbeltown Art NSW; 2005 Award of the Artist on Norton Sydney; 2002 Winner Artist on Norton Sydney; 2002 Winner SCULPTURE Prize Holroyd City; 2002 Winner Local section Fisher`s Ghost; 2000 Winner at Campbelltown  Art Gallery; 2000 Encouragement Award Fisher`s Ghos


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Peter Smith SCULPTURE (1938-2005)


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AWARDS: President position of Boort Fiesta from its Conception, an annual festival devoted to arts: painting, SCULPTURE, photography, film, music, food and wine. 

Peter Smith passion for bronze SCULPTURE portray women in sensual aspects.



European Artists sculpture in Bronze
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Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust, hosted and exhibited world-class artists and received celebrities such as Sir David AttenboroughCameron O’Reilly and Bob Hawke, Australian Prime Minister. Selling quality fine art of impeccable provenance, Galeria Aniela built a strong standing in Australia and internationally.

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At Galeria Aniela, Fine Art refers to high-quality works by renowned artists.



Video Jamie Boyd, the Boyd family most important LIVING artist

The BOYD family exhibition in Galeria Aniela coup the front page Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National NEWS ABC TV and Sunday Afternoon ABC TV.

John Perceval Retrospective won the Australian National NEWS ABC TV and Charles Blackman Retrospective conquer Australian Art Scream SBS TV.

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ABC TV National News Boyd   Sunday Afternoon ABC TV    ABC TV National News Perceval


Works of art live for generations, constantly reborn in the minds of the beholders to bring new meanings, new dreams, new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Be part of this magic world of amazing fine art from the ocean of tranquillity to concur the heart, mind and soul.

The vision of Galeria Aniela is to increase the awareness of Australian artists cultural contribution. With passion for art, hard work and dedication, we strive for high ideals to create a better future for the arts. When you purchase Art from Galeria Aniela, you make a valuable contribution to our mission of helping artists to make a living with their creations and together we make a difference.


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