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Established in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust of some of the most important Australian artists including Arthur Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Lenore Boyd, David Boyd, Charles Blackman, John Perceval, John Olsen, Pamela Griffith, Robin Holliday, Janusz Kuzbicki, Regina Noakes, Piet Noest, Dino Rogliani, Celia Perceval, Tessa Perceval, Alan Somerville, Garry Shead, Susan Weaver also Aboriginal artists. We specialize in buying and selling to a world wide buyer base high-quality works of art by renowned Australian artists. Galeria Aniela combines art and financial expertise to deliver unique art investment to collectors, investors and institutions. We sell items only of impeccable provenance and quality recognizing the importance of a buyer confidence in purchasing an authentic original work of art. Our people focused approach ensures that everyone has an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Gallery and Park open to the public 11-4pm Saturday and Sunday, other days by appointment.

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Collecting genuine art - investing

Helpful information for collectors who are art lovers, that acquire works of art for the pleasure they give, rather than art-speculators. We recommend purchasing what you love, the best you can afford and the most typical artwork of an artist you admire.


Hon. Bob Hawke the longest serving Prime Minister of Australia talks about the significant contribution of Aboriginal art to Australian culture, recognizing Aniela's input to Australia and Aboriginal art, Galeria Aniela (NSW)Fees – costs and payments


Galeria Aniela provides comprehensive information to own clients and valuation for artworks sold by the gallery, generally at no cost. If you decide to sell your art we are happy to sell it through the gallery otherwise, we are able to place your artwork for sale at one of the major auctions usually at the better selling price.

If you purchased your art somewhere else (auction) and require our assistance or research for the purchased item, the fees are imposed for our services at the discretion of the institution ($250 per hour plus GST). Fees charged may be rebated if you decide to purchase a work of art from us:
Jamie Boyd, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd for the Boyd research, or the artist you would like us to research about).

Home Visits - We are art specialists and available to visit you to conduct obligation-free appraisals. Visits are charged based on the scope and diversity of your collection. Fees charged may be rebated if your work of art is sold through our gallery.


Buying art at Auctions vs galleries and dealers


For the seller, auctions do not necessarily sustain the price levels and do not have the same interest to protect a market as galleries and art dealers have. Dealers and Galleries are one of the last bastions where serious connoisseurship meets commercialism. 

Buying at Auctions


Auction Houses are "the secondary market" selling items on behalf of the vendor. Buyer's premium applies to the Hammer Price generally at 22% including (GST) Goods and Services Tax.

·         Auctions are unable provide assurance for the absolute authenticity of the item, they take what they can get to sell. Buyers are responsible to make their own enquiries and investigations on provenance before bidding on any item at auction or otherwise making an offer to purchase.

§         Inexperienced buyers commonly believe that they save themselves gallery dealer’s mark-ups by buying at auctions failing to perceive that Dealers-Galleries mark-ups offer buyers services and facilities and range of services auctions unable to match.

1.       Grays Online sell John Cobby as Pro Hart! Artist John Cobby claims he painted picture advertised and sold the painting for $300 was shocked to see Grays Online offered for sale as Pro Hart with a price of more than $5,500 – 26 April 2011

2.       Bargain hunting clouds judgment and can afflict a new collector prey to unscrupulous offers of not genuine works Online. Unlike galleries, Auctions (in particular online) are unable provide assurance for the authenticity of the purchased item.

§         Auctions are unable to provide research for items they sell nor any detailed enquiries with respect to provenance on each item. Auctions may list history of ownership only for the very important art, and other relevant information.

§        On request, Auctions can provide Condition Report that is a statement of opinion and should not be relied upon as a statement of definitive fact.

§         Auctions only show you part of picture of the artist’s work. Auctions cannot really develop any aesthetic shaping to their sales unlike Dealers and Galleries who present buyers with a variety of interests not represented in the auction market. Auctions follow taste selling what is fashionable at the time, they may extend but do not create taste.

If you purchase a work of art at auctions and require us to research your item the fees are imposed for our services at the discretion of the institution. Fees charged may be rebated if you purchase a work of art from us (by Jamie Boyd, Arthur Boyd or David Boyd - for the Boyd research or by the artist you enquire about).


Dealers and Galleries ServicesJohn Perceval Retrospective in Galeria Aniela on ABC TV Australian National News

Inexperienced buyers commonly believe that they save themselves gallery dealer’s mark-ups by buying at auctions failing to perceive that Dealers-Galleries mark-ups offer buyers services and facilities and range of services auction houses unable to match. 

About Dealers & Galleries

  • There are private Dealers without an accessible art gallery space and no gallery costly expenses, they choose to deal selectively by appointment principally secondary sales.
  • Some Dealers (as we are) have publicly accessible galleries who may also handle secondary work but will also publicly present first sales. The responsibility distinguishes us. We offer buyers the chance to gain knowledge, information, history and develop familiarity with artist as well as the artist’s work which auctions cannot do with the auction sales deadlines. Neither a private Dealer without an accessible art gallery as Galeria Aniela is.


We pride ourselves on immense expertise in art legitimacy -authenticity by some of the most important Australian artists. We combine art and financial expertise to deliver unique art investment to collectors. We work with the artists we represent and gain across-the-board comprehensive knowledge. We have contacts with our artists and the artists families and we are able to research your piece.

We research fine points with the artists when alive and for late artists, our research may involve broad communication with artist's family, the Artist’s Trust Estates and/or Curators.

  • We provide unlimited knowledge, research and art history information.
  • We strongly discriminate stock and have their interest in supporting the value of the stock. This offers buyer and seller assured quality control. Our business acumen and the eye for quality benefits discerning collectors and investors.
  • We recognize the importance of a buyer confidence in purchasing an authentic unique work of art and sell quality items only of impeccable provenance.
  • We combine art and financial expertise to deliver unique art investment to collectors, investors and institutions.
  • We are able to place your artwork for sale at the major auction at the better selling price.
  • Dealers and Galleries support art prices the artists they represent, setting fair market values on work. Principally, the buyer is offered the benefit of the Dealer-Galleries:
  1. 1.  Judgment and considered opinion as well as the finding and deep research.

  2. 2.  Profound wealth of knowledge of the piece without pressure salerooms exert and acquaintance.

  • John Perceval Retrospective Art Review by Anne Maria Nicholson, the Senior Journalist ABC TV and Current Affairs, artworks 1946-1999 for public viewing and acquisition on ABC TV Australian National News, Galeria AnielaDealers and Galleries have people focused approach ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  • In addition to offering more personal services and more selective range of stock, Dealers and Galleries also offer greater assurance of confidentiality in art-related transactions conducted discreetly.
  • Dealer-Gallery’s patient negotiations and agreement on terms of payment may result in more favourable prices to the seller than can be obtained at auction.
  • Dealers and Galleries maintain close contact with museums and important collectors, it often enable them to negotiate a better price when placing the work privately than would fetched at the auction. Museums seldom purchases at auctions. It is difficult for their staff and trustees they need time to consider potential acquisitions and raise the required funds.

Best of Boyd exhibition officially open by Cameron O'Reilly, Deputy Chairman Australia National Art Gallery, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Lenore and Guy Boyd, Tessa Perceval, the ABC TV  in Galeria Aniela, Australian National News Art ReviewBuying at Galleries


Galleries are the primary market, we are selling genuine art on behalf of the artists (like a ‘quiet achiever’ supporting artists) often taking financial risks. Later, our artists are admired in Museums, National, Regional and International collections.

  • Galleries sell art on behalf of the artists so art is of impeachable provenance thus it is safer to purchase art from a gallery than an auction house.

  • Australian National TV, the ABC TV Sunday Afternoon Art Review, Best of Boyd exhibiting together for the first time under one roof in Galeria Aniela fine art gallery (NSW). Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd, Tessa PercevalGalleries nurture the regular patrons regardless of their wealth guiding them according to personal interest and taste advising on the most appropriate purchases according to their means and to their benefit.

  • Galleries spend time researching, seeking knowledge and willingly and freely sharing with their patrons. A relationship with a gallery is to your advantage.

  • A gallery director can be your mentor and a loyal friend to find a rare work of art which suitable for you to enjoy and may grow into a viable perhaps one of your most valuable investments.

  • A gallery can assist on starting and/or building up an art collection that is right for you and within your budget.

Do you know galleries who support any of the following artists? Arthur Boyd, John Perceval, Jamie Boyd, Pamela Griffith, Lenore Boyd, Charles Blackman, David Boyd, John Olsen, Robin Holliday, Alan Somerville, Regina Noakes, Piet Noest, Dino Rogliani, Janusz Kuzbicki, Susan Weaver, Celia Perceval, Tessa Perceval, Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali


Musée du quai Branly, Paris - ceiling by Ningura Napurrula Galeria Aniela artistSelling art


  • A carefully selected works of art is a "safe haven" for an art collector investor. Art increases in value and you make a valuable contribution to your personal wellbeing. Fine art is one of the most enjoyable and viable long term investments, can protect your funds into well-capitalized and profitable future.

  • Unlike daily trading on the stock market a work of art is a tangible long-term investment same as superannuation and properties to fully realize the potential of your art investment we recommend keep it for at leat ten years before selling.

  • For the seller, auctions do not necessarily sustain the price levels and do not have the same interest to protect a market as galleries and art dealers have. However, if you wish to sell at auction, we are able to place your artwork for sale at one of the major auctions usually at the better selling price. Selling at auctions the following cost is subtracted from the Hammer Price.

  • 1.       Seller premium

    2.       Insurance

    3.       Transport

    4.        Photography

    5.       Catalogue

    6.       Storage

The information provided is intended as a guide only, and in no way replaces the professional advice of a good accountant (remember to check out accountant resume for qualifications and experience relevant to your business) a good accountant will give you the latest business tax deductions.


Art purchase as a legitimate tax deduction?


If you work from home (have an office space) or own your business then your office environment has to be attractive. This includes business and workplace locations. Artwork is a wonderful addition to any space and art purchase can ease your Tax bill. An office is an environment that legitimately requires at least some sort of artwork on the premises. Beyond enhancing almost any type of decor, artwork can be a viable and profitable investment. The addition of the artwork to your office space makes your office environment healthier and more attractive.

You can also ask your accountant to depreciate your art purchase as a legitimate tax deduction the same as the purchase of your office equipment, furniture and related items for your office or workplace. They are expenditures that qualify for a tax deduction. In some cases an art purchase can be considered a business expense or a write off.

At the moment there is NO specific monetary standard to the amount of money spent on artwork that is intended to be used as a tax write off. A typical business owner can spend reasonable amounts of money on artwork for the workplace and expect to be able to take advantage of a comparable tax write off.

Buying and Selling Artwork

There are instances in which a person who buys or sells artwork can take advantage of tax deductions and write offs. The most commonly used write off related to artwork involves a deduction when a person sells a work of art that has dropped in value since the initial purchase. The seller will qualify for a tax deduction or write off based on the different in value of the artwork.

Taking a Loan to purchase art can reduce your tax bill

If you are contemplating buying artwork, you might wonder whether you want to reduce your tax bill by taking a LOAN. The interest of your loan to purchase art is tax deductible (same as loans to acquire shares or a property investment) and your Expenses related to your loan may be claimed.

  • advertising
  • agent commission
  • improvement, cleaning, repair restoration, framing
  • insurance
  • legal fees on the purchase as well as the sale
  • travel expenses

Additionally if you decide to rent your art then your expenses may be claimed from the date the art investment first became available for rent.

Interior Design
If you are involved in interior design and you purchase artwork with the idea of using it on behalf of a client, that purchase normally will be considered a legitimate business expense. Therefore, you likely will be able to write off or deduct the cost of such artwork from your profits. Keep in mind that when you use the artwork in a decorating project, or when you sell the artwork to a client, any money you earn for that sale above and beyond what you paid for the artwork originally will be considered income for your business. Although there are ways in which artwork can be used as a means to obtain a tax write off or deduction, the primary focus of purchasing, selling or trading in art cannot be tax-related. There are ways in which purchasing, holding and ultimately selling art can be a solid investment plan. However, in the majority cases, significant tax write off associated with art ownership is not an essential element of that type of investment.


Caution and Considerations
The information provided is intended as a guide only, and in no way replaces the professional advice of a good accountant (verify that the accountant qualifications and experience are relevant to your business). Business tax advantages are changed regularly, and it is important to check the latest information with a good firm of tax accountants, who will fully explain the available tax deductions for business and/or home office. A good accountant will give you the latest business tax deductions. A typical taxpayer is best served by engaging the services of a qualified, experienced tax professional who deals with issues pertaining to the investment in artwork, including the ability to use that investment as a tax deduction.

We recommend  Art advisory expert Lowensteins Arts Management Sydney & Melbourne to seek further advice.


Superannuation  Fine Art is 'Super Good'


  • Fine art often has a better rate on return than other investments. Art can be one of your premier assets, collecting art is enjoyable, satisfying and can be financially rewarding experience, in both the short term and the long term.
  • When setting an investment strategy, it is wise to seriously consider a work of art as an asset in your Do-It-Yourself-Super-Fund and purchase a quality work of art from your superannuation fund.
  • For collectors looking at diverse tax arrangements we give an opportunity to purchase a top-quality art as an alternative investment strategy instead of juggling percentages of your supper funds between 'Cash', ‘shares’ 'Local Equities', 'International Equities', 'Bonds' and 'Real Estate'.
  • Fine appreciate and carefully selected works of art produce good increase in value. It is wise to channel a percentage of your funds into an asset that will have capital appreciation as not all of your assets ought to return revenue on an annual basis.


Appraisals  authentication, authorizations, valuations


Galeria Aniela provides valuation for the insurance purpose for artworks sold by the gallery, generally at no cost. We are experienced to value both, the new works as well as re-sold artworks from a secondary market.

Galeria Aniela is able to authenticate a work of art by means of visual examination, inspections and follow with a complete search, surveys, research and inquiries fees apply. We are able to provide authentication, authorizations and valuations for art  purchased away from our gallery, the fees are imposed for our services at the discretion of the institution. fees charged may be rebated if you purchase a work of art from us (by Jamie Boyd, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd for the Boyd family, or by the artist you would like.

Auction houses and their art specialists conduct obligation-free appraisals and any fees charged will be rebated if your work of art is consigned for sale with an auction house. Auction houses cannot value new work by establishing artists currently working and/or exhibiting.


Lay-by (term payments)


Deposit is 25% of the purchase price with regular monthly payments (interest free) so you are getting immediate appreciation potential. The gallery makes special arrangements for the regular buyers.

  • Return / Exchange  
    Lay-by purchase is excluded from being returned or exchanged.


  • Late payment
    late payment may attract an additional charge of 15% unless a prior arrangement is made with the gallery.


  • Cancellation
    A fee will apply should you later decide to cancel the lay-by.

    The money paid is no-refundable
    (deposit and payments)


Certificates of Authenticity


  • Certificates of Authenticity are only valid if issued by the original source and signed by the artist. Limited edition Certificates are supplied by Museums and/or Companies (original source) which produce the edition and who pay the artist. Upon the payment the artist sign each artwork. Be aware of unsigned prints produced by the unscrupulous companies which do not pay the artist - see fake art.

  • A Gallery and or a Community Aboriginal artists are working for (and are paid from) is an original source and issue a valid Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Be vigilant as some unscrupulous online galleries or small auction houses issue their own Certificates of Authenticity see fake art   Sydney Morning Herald | SMH | art sold as Aboriginal made in Indonesia, China and Vietnam


Risk Free


Galeria Aniela is a highly regarded professional art gallery attentive to the professional Code of Conduct. We are able to guide you in all art related matters. We sell top-quality art to a world wide buyer base. We assist on starting and building up collection. We provide an opportunity to purchase top-quality art by some of Australia's most important artists and give an informed advice. Whether you are a first time buyer, an enthusiastic collector or a strategic investor we are committed to provide you with a friendly and clear advice according to your individual taste and, happy to guide you towards the right art for you.

To help with your purchase decision we can provide the Gallery private accommodation Suite (4 & half Star) that is large, comfortable and well appointed with natural light and the northerly sunny and airy. Our people focus approach ensures a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Any fees charged will be rebated from your purchase.

We able find a work of art that is right for you, within your budget and help you to build up own knowledge. We recognize the importance of a buyer confidence in buying an authentic original work of art. We act as an 'agent' and aim to do our best for you 'the buyer' and 'the seller'. We respect buyers' and sellers confidential information and within the law we act in the best interest of the buyer and the seller. We are happy to assist in the negotiating process and get the best price for your investment.


About the price of art

We recommend building up your own knowledge follow your heart and search out the one you love, the best you can afford and most typical artwork of the artist you admire.


  • A work of art is a commodity for which a market is created and maintained by financially interested parties. No different that any other legal market. The market value of the art item is derived from its exchange value, that is, the price a buyer is prepared to pay for the item (little to do with the costs of materials and labour required in making). Living artists price their creations. Apart from the cost of material and artist’s time, the price comprise the artist’s status, the years of ‘brush mileage', artistic exposure awards, commissions and collections.
  • The value placed on works of art by the art market will differ from the critical value placed on the same work. Other elements seemingly unrelated to the work can affect the value. Individual works of art are traded at individual prices in the prevailing art collector’s opinion.
  • By all means shop around, compare prices, which you will see fluctuate widely and vary from item to item as condition and quality alter price by significant factor. However, too great preoccupation with price can be counter-productive. A weakness for buying bargains can be one of the worst faults that afflict a new collector. Bargain hunting clouds judgment and leaves faults that can afflict a new collector prey to unscrupulous offers of works available at bargain prices because they are not genuine.
  • An authentic, high-quality and genuine work of art by an important artist is worth the price you pay. If you love the artwork then you must find the way to purchase it, see if your art purchase is a legitimate tax deduction?. A work of art is one of the most viable and pleasurable investments.

The following elements can affect the value of a work of art:

1.  The artistic merit of the work (it is a museum picture or private collector's picture?)

2.  It is important and the most representative of the artist?

3.  The art historical importance of the work can affect value (did the work have an influence or has it been influenced?)

4.  Documentation and provenance qualifies the work's pedigree and influences value.

5.  Value can be affected by the nature attribution the work has (a scholar's opinion, and which scholar and a contemporary attribution).

6.  The artwork condition, the title, and subject of the work can influence value (paintings of commentaries & portraits of old men are difficult to place).

7.  Style and rarity decides whether the work is scarce or otherwise.

8.  Value is created by reputation of the seller and determined competition for the work. Demand and supply along with the artist standing (international / National) affect the work value.

9.   An illustration of the work has an effect on its value the work becomes more precious. Illustrated works of art raise more interest and are able to fetch record prices for the artist.

10. More attractive, ascetically pleasing works are more desirable and also, works with more attention to details, from the period of the artist acclaim generally command higher prices.  

Art history has the essential role of supplying attribution, establishing opinion and authenticating what is offered on the market. Additional value to the contemporary art collector is the satisfaction some would call it inverted snobbery.

The adventurous collector of contemporary art with sharp eyes earns price as does any collector who anticipates and buys what he loves, rather than follow the fashion. Obviously different buyers buy different works of different values. Like being well dressed, the value of art sometimes has less to do with the monetary value.

When you buy a work of art you contribute to not only your own wellbeing but also artists can make a living with their creations and art stays alive to tell its story to the future generations.


Artist's legacy

  • Artists work stimulates employment all around the world including museums, restaurants, hotels, galleries, transport, shops, cafes and printing business etc.
  • We all benefit from the artists legacy as art filters down through reproduction and through the way it influences others.
  • We travel to see art and architecture in galleries and museums to enhance our wellbeing, consciousness, perception and spirits.
  • We admire artists and their passion, their incredible insight, singular vision and generosity of spirit to create (to give us joy) and continuing commitment to share their talent with all of us.

    Many creators have concluded that art extends life.

    • Georges Braque - "With age art and life become one"
    • Henry David Thoreau - "None are as old as those who have outlived enthusiasm"
    •  Will Barnet - "Great work can come at any stage"
    • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "For age is opportunity no less than youth itself, though in another dress, and as the evening twilight fades away the sky is filled with stars, invisible by day"
    • Paul Gauguin "I do not wish to become senile before I've finished what I've undertaken"
    • Itzhak Perlman "How much music can I make with the time I have left?" 
    • Kathe Kollwitz "I cannot die until I have made the most of my talent"
    • Louise Nevelson "With creative work, you don't have age or time"



About fake art


Famous artists work have always attracted other artists to copy in order to improve their own skills ........


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