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Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust of Australian most important artist from the post WWII until today. We built successful reputation in Australia and the World, handling museum-quality art of impeccable provenance, shipping worldwide. We manage the transfer of ownership from the artist to the buyer of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal artists including Arthur Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Lenore Boyd, John Perceval, John Olsen, Charles Blackman, Billy Stockman, Mrs. Bennett, Ningura Napurrula, Stephen Glassborow and many more.

Exhibition of the BOYD family coup the front page of Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National NEWS |ABC TV and the Sunday Afternoon Arts, ABC TV in 1997. In 2000 Australian National NEWS |ABC TV herald John Perceval Retrospective. In 2002 Art-Scream SBS TV has filmed Charles Blackman Retrospective. In 2015 Minnie Pwerle MP0635 painting topic Australian Curriculum accrediting the AAA © Estate of the artist.

We are grateful Sir David Attenborough, Bob Hawke the former Prime Minister of Australia, Cameron O’Reilly and Australian Media for support and art-lovers and buyers helping artists to make a living with their creations

If  you LOVE top-quality art  of impeccable  provenance,  the art you want is at  Galeria Aniela

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About us

The vision of Galeria Aniela is to increase awareness of the significant cultural contribution of artists and in particular Aboriginal artists. We aim to be a place of  inspiration, through museum-quality paintings and Sculpture, exhibitions and programs.

Galeria Aniela is far more than a destination, it is a place to find art knowledge and enjoy purchase some of the finest of works of art by the most important Australian artists.

Established in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust of some of the most important Australian artists.

Galeria Aniela offers educational opportunities to all sectors of the public aimed at engaging diverse audiences with different requirements for art knowledge and purchase. We provide relevant information and guidance for the collectors who acquire works of art for the joy they give, rather than art-speculator trading for short term profit.

In 1993 Arthur Boyd, one of Australia’s most famous Australian artists make a gift of the Bundanon properties and art collections to Australia, a unique cultural and environmental asset is located in Kangaroo Valley, only 20 minutes drive from the famous Bundanon Museum.

Kangaroo Valley is one of the most beautiful locations in the World and , a top 10 holiday destination in Australia.

The Boyd artistic family includes many arts professionals writers, painters, sculptors and architects, commencing in 1860 with Emma Minnie Boyd à Beckett and Boyd's grandfather Arthur Merric Boyd. Arthur Boyd's father was Merric and mother Doris, uncles Penleigh Boyd and Martin Boyd, brothers Guy Boyd and David Boyd, sister Mary married John Perceval and later Sidney Nolan, children Polly, Jamie Boyd and Lucy, all artists.

Galeria Aniela has a long history with the distinguished Boyd family and we look forward to working together for many years to come. We are excited that we can bring the best quality works  of impeccable provenance the World Art Market has to offer to International and Australians collectors by Arthur Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Guy Boyd, David Boyd, Lenore Boyd and Nathaniel Boyd.


Modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures and works on paper are displayed in three expansive, light-filled exhibition rooms, and an extensive stockroom. Galeria Aniela specialise in selling artworks of impeccable provenance and quality that is highly sought after by collectors, comprising work created by the artists from their early careers. We embody works of the artists exhibited in the most prestigious Australian National galleries. From the point of the quality superiority and the investment value we omit work produced in the artist’s childhood and juvenile years.


Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd, Nathaniel Boyd, Robin Holliday, Lucky Morton Kngwarreye, Gracie Morton, Danielle Legge, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa Mrs. Bennett, Wentja 2 Napaltjarri, Barbara Reid, Lilly Kelly Napangardi, Pansy Napangardi, Lorna Fencer, Ningura Napurrula, Regina Noakes, Sidney Nolan, John Olsen, John Perceval, Celia Perceval, Tessa Perceval, Gloria Petyarre, Glory Mills Petyarre, Minnie Pwerle, Dino Rogliani, William Sandy, Garry Shead, Alan Somerville, Billy Stockman, Long Jack Phillipus, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Charlie Tjapangarti, Bobby West Tjupurrula, Don Tjungarrayi and Susan Weaver.


Alongside our collection we are regularly change temporary exhibitions about 2-3 major exhibitions each year. Admission is free to gallery showrooms, sculpture park, exhibitions and events.

Programs and Facilities

Galeria Aniela support sharing knowledge and social oriented programs:

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Artists in Residence Program

WWOOF Volunteers Program

Gallery Unpaid Internship Program

The gallery is committed to assisting young people who have genuine interest in Australian art, in gaining practical experience in the workings of a commercial gallery. Interns must commit to at least one day per week, this may involve working Saturdays or Sundays.

Please contact the gallery for more information. During the period of Gallery Assistant Unpaid Internship Program, interns will be involved in:

  • Care and handling of artworks

  • Administration

  • Curating an exhibition


Integral to Galeria Aniela collection and activities is the knowledge and scholarship that bring meaning and relevance to the artworks themselves and a core element in our exhibitions and programs. We combine the knowledge of fine art and financial expertise. With a wide network of resources, provide advice for the collector and the investor, able to assist in forming collections and can also source artworks by specific artists. Our people focused approach ensures enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We recognize the importance of the buyer confidence in purchasing authentic, ethically sourced works of art. Galeria Aniela specializes in selling top-quality, modern paintings and sculptures of impeccable provenance, shipping worldwide.


While nothing can replicate the experience of visiting Galeria Aniela in person, our website is one of an increasing number of ways to access us. The site provides information about exhibitions and events at the Gallery. You can search the entire collection online access Artists, modern Australian art and Australian Indigenous art.

A selection of rich educational content for people interested in knowing more about buying and selling art is available.

You can also enjoy watching: Videos Gallery important events televised by the ABC TV in Galeria Aniela.

We plan to add more information and features, and we welcome your suggestions and feedback and on Art Blog. Art Blog is for everyone who wants to make a positive contribution and covets articulating the love of art.

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Bundanon open to every Sunday Visits include tours of the Bundanon Homestead and Arthur Boyd's studio

 Photo: Arthur Boyd, wife Yvonne & Aniela, 1997The Boyd family of artists could easily hold a major exhibition in any of important public museums and National art galleries in London, New York or Paris. However Arthur Boyd favored Galeria Aniela, a private commercial art gallery in the Shoalhaven area, near his home Bundanon to exhibit with five members of his family, for the first time in 1997.

Under one roof of Galeria Aniela Arthur Boyd exhibited together with brothers David Boyd and Guy Boyd, son Jamie Boyd and nieces Lenore Boyd and Tessa Perceval. The 'Best of Boyd exhibition coup by the front page of the prestigious Australian National newspaper Sydney Morning Herald  17 May 1997.

The exhibition consisting of 80 paintings and 40 bronze sculptures for public viewing and acquisition, was officially launched by Cameron O'Reilly, a media mogul and Dep. Chairman National Gallery of Australia.

'Clan gathers for all-Boyd show. This is perfect said Arthur Boyd 'I think we had better make a habit of it'. Where better, then, to exhibit for the first time together the Boyd family all under the one roof?

photo from left: Jamie Boyd, Cameron O'Reilly NGA Chairman, Aniela, 1997With 80 paintings and 40 bronze sculptures from members of the distinguished family was opened in Galeria Aniela Fine Art Gallery in Kangaroo Valley near the Boyd Shoalhaven home Bundanon, which Arthur Boyd and his wife Yvonne donated to the nation in 1993." 

written by: Angela Bennie, Sydney Morning Herald Arts Writer.


Click VIDEO: Australian National ABC TV 'Sunday Afternoon Art Review' Photo: Aniela & Arthur Boyd in Galeria Aniela, 1995VIDEO (YouTube): Australian National ABC TV 'Sunday Afternoon' the Best of Boyd in Galeria Aniela (June 1997)

VIDEO: ABC TV Sunday Afternoon, gallery site

Click VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News, the Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela, 1997VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News, | Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela, officially opened by Cameron O'Reilly, Dep. Chairman of Australian National Gallery in Canberra.

VIDEO: ABC TV News, gallery site


Galeria Aniela coop the front page Sydney Morning Herald May 1997  (17/05/1997)
Photo: Front page of Sydney Morning Herald 'Best of Boyd' Exhibition at Galeria Aniela, 17 May 1997   



Photo: (right) David Boyd and Aniela Kos (left) in Boyd Sydney Studio (1995)‘Music and Angel” Exhibition by David Boyd launch for the first time the new series of 60 paintings officially open by Blanche D'Alpuget in Galeria Aniela fine art Gallery NSW Australia (1998).

David Boyd created 'Music and the Angels' the new series of paintings to honour his daughter Amanda, sadly she passed away Saturday, 29 August 1998 prior to the opening the exhibition.

Remarkable artists like David Boyd remind us of the importance of joy, the significance of passion, sensuality, love and delight in our every day lives.

David Boyd through his work communicates that each day ought to be a celebration of life.



John Perceval major Retrospective Exhibition (80 paintings 1946-1990) officially open 19 August by Justin Miller, Chairman Sotheby’s Australia (2000). Click VIDEO: ABC TV News John Perceval Retrospective - Photo: John Perceval in his Melbourne Studio with Aniela, 1999For the first John Perceval Retrospective Major Exhibition was held in NSW and freely open to the pubic at large for three months.

Click VIDEO: ABC TV National News John Perceval Retrospective at Galeria Aniela, August 2000VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National NEWS, John Perceval Retrospective Exhibition reported by Anne Maria Nicholson, the Senior ABC TV and Current Affairs Reporter.

VIDEO: ABC TV News, gallery site

Prior to John Perceval death, his painting 'Scudding Swans' sold for $552,500 it was then the highest price paid for a painting of a living Australian painter and the  record result for the artist in 2000.



Click to: Charles Blackman paintings - Photo: Blackman & Aniela at his Retrospective Exhibition in Galeria Aniela 2002Charles Blackman major Retrospective Exhibition with the Blackman Trust support and input, included 80 paintings from 1945 to 1985. The exhibition was officially open by  Walter Granek, the Blackman Trust Curator (2002).

Click VIDEO: Charles Blackman Retrospective Exhibition reviewed by the Blackman Trust Curator, Walter Granek, paintings (1945-1985)VIDEO: Charles Blackman Major Retrospective Exhibition in Galeria Aniela opened officially by Walter Granek, the Blackman Trust Curator.

VIDEO: Blackman Retrospective gallery site.


Member of The Australian Aboriginal Association of Australia

we sell ethically sourced Australian Aboriginal art from some of the most important Australian artists

Photo: Aniela & Esther Giles, Alice Springs, August 2006 Photo: Aniela & Esther Giles, Alice Springs, August 2006 Photo: Famous artist Mrs Bennett, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa & Aniela, Alice Springs, August 2006. 

Photo: Tjawina Porter & Aniela, Yanda Gallery, Alice Springs Studio, August 2006.  Photo: Famous Mrs Bennett, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa & Aniela, Alice Springs, August 2006  Photo: Aniela & Barbara Reid Napangardi, Alice Springs, 2002



Photo: Anne Maria Nicholson, the ABC TV National Art Reporter opens PAMELA GRIFFITH Exhibition in Galeria Aniela (2006)Pamela Griffith Exhibition was officially open by Anne Maria Nicholson, the ABC TV and Current Affairs Senior Reporter (2006). Pamela Griffith, an acclaimed Australian artist, was born into a well-known artistic family. Pamela's work is represented in public, corporate and private collections around the world including Earl of Essex, Edward, the Queen Elizabeth grandson, The Vatican Collection, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collections New York, Musée national de la Marine Accueil Paris, National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, Parliament of Australia Canberra, Powerhouse Museum, Art Bank Sydney, The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, State Library of New South Wales, Parliament of NSW, Mitchell Shire Libraries, State Library of New South Wales, the Governor of New South Wales, Prime Minister of France, Prime Minister of Lithuania, Prime Minister Palace Beijing China, Westmead Hospital - Western Sydney, Charles Sturt University, The University of New South Wales, Family Court of Australia - Sydney and Parramatta, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, Tamworth Regional Gallery, Dubbo Regional Gallery, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Wollongong City Gallery, Laperouse Museum - Museums & Galleries NSW, Comalco Rio Tinto, John Howard, The Prime Minister of Australia, Laperouse Museum Paris France.

Pamela Griffith's The Printmaker Griffith Studio and Graphic Workshop has been involved with the publication of limited edition for numerous Australian artists, Sets and Costumes for Primevera Ballet and Conservatorium of Music.



Photo: Southern Highlands, January 2006, The Illawarra Mercury, Arts Review, The Weekender, 26 March 2005 , picture Aniela2007 VIDEO: Hon. Bob Hawke the former Prime Minister of Australia recognizes Galeria Aniela contribution to Australian Aboriginal culture

PHOTO: (left) Aniela Kos, (centre) Hon. Bob Hawke, the Former Prime Minister of Australia and (left) Blanche D'Alpuget (2007) |VIDEO: Aboriginal art exhibition in Galeria Aniela (2007)



The Best of Boyd exhibition comprise 80 paintings and 40 bronze sculptures was officially opened by Tim Goodman, Chairman Sotheby's Australia in March for public viewing and acquisition it made a lasting impression on those that experience it and was widely canvas by Australian media (2010).

Photo: David Boyd and Aniela in Galeria Aniela, 2010 October Photo: aniela, Jamie Boyd, Helena Boyd in Galeria Aniela, March 2010Click VIDEO: Photo: North Shore Times, 26 April 1996, Jamie Boyd Exhibition, picture Arthur Boyd and Aniela in Galeria Aniela



A Century of Boyd Exhibition officially open by Hon. Bob Hawke, the Former Prime Minister of Australia (2012) an opportunity to acquire top-quality original works of art, of impeccable provenance and quality, by some of the most important Australian artists, paintings and sculptures previously unseen for public viewing some for acquisition.

  PHOTO: (from left) Hon. Bob Hawke the former Prime Minister of Australia, Aniela Kos, Anne Maria Nicholson Reporter ABC TV, Helena Boyd


With a wide network of resources and over 25 years experience in the World Art Market we combine the knowledge of fine art and expertise. We offer an opportunity to purchase museum-quality art of impeccable provenance, shipping worldwide. Secure payment options in a safe environment.

Galeria Aniela meets the terms of prompt professional communication internet, phone&text +61 409980618 WhatsApp


fine art is one of the most enjoyable and viable investments

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