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Testimonials - What people say

Aniela Kos has a great eye for fine art. She is real expert on Australian art.

I opened several exhibitions at Galeria Aniela beautiful fine art gallery and always impressed by her passion for the art and the artists.

Aniela will also go out of her way to find the perfect work of art for her clients.

Anne Maria Nicholson, Author,
Senior Journalist the ABC-TV
, The 7.30 Report,  Foreign Correspondent

I have enjoyed fond and productive dealings with Aniela over the past decades and have found her to be a charming, resourceful, reliable and ebullient dealer of Australian Art with deep knowledge and understanding of the genre.

Collectors with an interest in Arthur Boyd, John Perceval, Charles Blackman, David Boyd and Guy Boyd would be well advised to make her acquaintance.

Cameron Menzies Principal at Five Fifty Art Advisory, Menzies Art Brands Chairman and Head of Private Sales


Buying ART is never an easy task - you wonder about provenance, quality, damage etc - but with Aniela it is such an easy, risk-free and pleasant experience.

I have bought many art pieces from Aniela over the years including Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, John Perceval, Charles Blackman etc.... just via the internet and emails as I was overseas... based in Singapore only ever seeing internet pictures. Such is my trust in Aniela. Aniela has a well-earned reputation for being a very honest and helpful art dealer.

Aniela is ALWAYS my first port-of-call when I am looking for an Australian piece and I strongly recommend that strategy to you.

Tejinder Sekhon

Aniela is a maverick in the world of Gallerists art dealer - Charm, enthusiasm and great commitment define her approach to her role in bringing together artists and collectors.

As an exhibiting artist I value her decisive judgment and her aesthetic sensibilities when selecting and displaying paintings for exhibition.

In addition Aniela is always open to alternative suggestions on all aspects of mounting an exhibition.

These qualities serve the collector well too and help to make a visit to Galeria Aniela an enlightening experience and one of pleasure.

Jamie Boyd

I have known Aniela Kos for decades and have always found her to be delightful, ethical and knowledgeable.

Aniela is a pleasure to deal with, is passionate about the art that she handles and is very well informed about the current state of the market across a broad range of artists. I have no hesitation in recommending Galeria Aniela, whether to first time purchasers or seasoned collectors.

Damian Hackett Deutscher and Hackett Executive Director

I have bought from Galeria Aniela six paintings, two Charles Blackman, two Arthur Boyd, Jamie Boyd and Pamela Griffith, all beautifully framed and lovely. Good service and always a pleasure to do business with now my friend Aniela. 

I love her website too, which is really informative regarding my favourite artists and just a pleasure to browse through when in a "browsey" mood. I think I've just invented another word!!! 

Leone Brennan

It was wonderful to be invited to a private viewing of Boyd's family show at Galeria Aniela and also meet members of the Boyd family.

Thanks to Aniela, we have built our beautiful art collection. It has been a pleasure and an enjoyable experience working with Aniela.

We look forward to be in touch and to see you on our next trip to the Southern Highlands. And if you do visit Sydney, please do drop into my office where all of your art work is on display! Best regards,

Errol Joseph

I am happy to provide a glowing testimonial for Aniela with whom I have had many dealings over the years.

Aniela is both a very trustful and professional person do deal with and she has a very strong commitment to the visual arts.

Paul Sumner Director Artvisory Melbourne

We have worked with Aniela for over 20 years and found her to be honourable and enthusiastic in the arts industry.

She has a beautiful gallery in Kangaroo Valley in the Southern Highlands of NSW and its worth a visit.

Aniela is highly regarded by the Boyd family.

Aniela top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

Robyn Berkeley Director Robyn Berkeley Editions

Selling works of art on behalf of the artists, Aniela Kos envisions a ‘Bigger Picture’ for the Australian Art World Market, where the various stakeholders could co-exist in harmony and competitors were more like colleagues.

This lady who’d been transplanted into Australia created an institution dedicated to the promotion of Australian artists (and art collecting as a pursuit).

I saw a ‘dream-world’ populated with Degas ballerinas, large bronzes and mysterious abstract sculptures – simply spectacular!

Think 'sculptures by the sea' juxtaposed upon the Southern Highlands painted by Lloyd Rees.

I had a pleasure to meet Jamie Boyd and learn about the famous BOYD dynasty.

Art auctioneers seldom receive such welcoming offers from gallery owners as I have received from Aniela Kos.

Our worlds inevitably collide and without primary sales there would not be a secondary market.

 Cameron Menzies Menzies Art Brands (9 April 2014)

I have been selling my artworks through Galeria Aniela fine art gallery for over 25 years. Aniela has always conducted her business with me honestly and openly. She has a deep insight into the life of an artist and actively seeks knowledge of the art processes that the artist goes through in the creation of a new work. Aniela surrounds herself with beauty and appreciates creativity.

Aniela is a sympathetic dealer who looks after clients and seeks to match the client to the artist. I have a lovely friendship with her.

Pamela Griffith

I have worked with Aniela regularly over the past decade and have no doubt that this relationship will continue long into the future. Aniela Kos is a person of the highest integrity who values her clients above all else.

Her knowledge of the Australian Art Market and in particular her expertise in regard the Boyd family dynasty is second to none.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Aniela's services to Australian art collectors.

Justin Turner, Fine Art Advisor, Consultant Former Chief Executive at Menzies Art Brands

Vicki and I have been delighted with Aniela’s approach to matching quality artwork to that of our preferences.

Aniela is very professional and considerate in her dealings.

Her ability to source art directly from ensuing families as true originals has added appeal to us’.



Just love Galeria Aniela! The gallery has such a range of beautiful paintings and sculptures.

I was lucky to purchase several stunning paintings by distinguished Australian artists.

It made the trip to Galeria Aniela really worthwhile. Thank You!

Ulf Egestrand

Galeria Aniela gallery has an excellent range of art which is perfect for someone either just looking for a painting or wanting to invest.

Aniela receives every person who walks through the gallery and sculpture park with a relaxed warmth and you are able to browse through in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Aniela answers all questions with a deep knowledge and a true love for art.

We purchased several beautiful paintings from Galeria Aniela.

Aliza Egestrand

We were lucky enough to be invited to one of Aniela’s private viewing of Jamie Boyd paintings and sculpture show, after she had sourced and supplied us with a Margaret Olley limited edition print previously.

We subsequently purchased a few of Jamie BOYD paintings which give us endless pleasure.

The entire process was so personal, friendly and professional and Aniela was more than happy to come to our house in Berry and offer us some professional and sensible advice as to the placement of the works and other pieces we have.

All together was a happy and on-going relationship and we value Aniela’s professionalism and vast knowledge.

Bill Selby & Richard Vincent

I have made a number of purchases of works of art from Galeria Aniela over the years and have always been impressed with Aniela’s knowledge and advice when looking for another item.

I first visited Galeria Aniela in 2000, an charming and very interesting place with constant changes of high-quality works of art, set in a large garden with many sculpture.



Dr. Ken McGregor Philanthropist, art consultant, curator, collector

Thank you Aniela, the Lily Kelly Napangardi painting has arrived safely. The package and the delivery were absolutely perfect!  Everything is fine!

We hang Lily Kelly Napangardi painting on the wall and it looks amazing!!!!!
Thank you so much for your support.

Kind regards,

Manuel Bründl Vienna, Austria

Thanks for your great service!

After our great experience with you buying Charles Blackman painting, your Galeria Aniela website was naturally the one we visited when we have been looking for an Indigenous abstract

We love 'Yam Dreaming' painting and enjoy it in our home. Take care,

George Livery

Thanks Aniela, just a short note to say that the both Arthur Boyd paintings safely arrived in Hong Kong. I very much appreciate your support. Keep me posted about your Hong Kong trip as it would be a pleasure to meet.

All the best,

Damien Ryan Hong Kong

Thanks Aniela,

The bronze arrived safely. Robin Holliday was brilliant man and much loved in the scientific community. It will be a very nice way to remember him.  His ‘Cross Over’ was my favourite! I have never met him but we had a meeting in Spain last week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Holliday Junction model.

My own work is tangential to his work but still relevant enough for me to buy his work.

Titia de Lange Chicago

Thanks heaps Aniela.

We are delighted with our Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa aka Mrs. Bennett painting looking stunning in our home. We love it!




I am very happy with the prompt service from Galeria Aniela and Aniela efforts to respond to my initial email and keeping me informed of the progress of my purchase. I was also thrilled to find the gallery that stocked such a variety of Pamela Griffith works as I had been looking for a while.

Nature is my thing and Pamela Griffith depicts it so beautifully in her work.

I will be visiting Galeria Aniela website again from time to time and viewing the other works from other artists as well.

You have a very comprehensive site with lots of very beautiful artworks for sale.

It must be very satisfying working among so many lovely things.

Good luck with your business.


Thank you Aniela for being so generous with your time when we were a bit disorganized.

We are so happy with the Tjapaltjarri painting we bought and can’t stop looking at it.

Everyone who sees it is admiring it greatly. Many thanks once more,

Chris Kimber

I first visited Galeria Aniela about 2007. I was very impressed by the art collection by famous Australian artists.

I had a pleasure dealing with Aniela and found her a delight to deal with. She is most hospitable, passionate, extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating.

I also like the gallery website, it is easy to navigate, informative, educational and helpful.

Chris Byrne

My husband and I stumbled across Galeria Aniela gallery and were very impressed by the stunning collection of artworks, and also the lovely Aniela who was so friendly and charming.

It was wonderful to learn about the incredibly talented artists on display, and enjoy this beautiful, tranquil setting.

What a delight! I cannot wait to visit the gallery again, and would highly recommend this gallery to anyone visiting the region.

Aniela thank you SO much!

We are exultant with Jamie BOYD painting we have purchased from you.

We enjoyed the exhibition very much indeed and we are delighted we could meet with the Boyd family members.

Kirsi Benson


We found the art purchasing experience at Gallery Aniela to be most pleasurable and informative. So many beautiful works of art to purchase and enjoy.

Our recent visit to the Jamie Boyd exposition was fantastic.

Meeting and talking with the artist was a wonderful and memorable experience.

Kim and Kelvin Taylor


Thanks, the beautiful bronze I have purchased safely arrived in London.

My wife now has two beautiful Peter Smith bronzes.

It was a pleasure doing business with you Aniela.

Philip Howard (London)


John Perceval AO





Arthur Merric Bloomfield BOYD 1920-1999




CLICK the image





I found the best pieces, by best names recognized in Australian and world art investment in Galeria Aniela collection.

Galeria Aniela's website is very informative, and attracts serious investors from all over the world, as well as local Australians, buyers and collectors who rely on Galeria Aniela's long established credibility and understanding their investment business.

Aniela is a highly motivated professional with astute understanding of Australian art and art investment.

You will be hard pressed to find better fine art than Galeria Aniela calibre very rare indeed.


Galeria Aniela is a very beautiful gallery, in a beautiful setting, with wonderful well-known artists.

World standard!!!

Congratulation Aniela!

Your hard work and creativity is very obvious.

I am happy with the beautiful
Guy BOYD bronze I bought.

I am coming back for Jamie Boyd exhibition. Wouldn't miss it for the world. 


We are loving all our beautiful artworks.

Thank you so much for the book you sent us !!! That was very kind and thoughtful of you! Hope to meet you at some stage! 

Thanks again.


I am delighted to spread the word of this amazing gallery!

Aniela I am in awe!

Fee Madigan

 5 Stars!

Galeria Aniela provides a winning combination of top quality art, beautiful surroundings and friendly expertise.

Christine Kelly



VIDEO (2007) Bob Hawke |Aboriginal art and Galeria Aniela

VIDEO (2010) Bob Hawke  in Galeria Aniela unveils Arthur BOYD Lost Bride



Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela exhibited world-class artists and hosted celebrities such as Sir David Attenborough, Cameron O’Reilly and Hon Bob Hawke, Australian Prime Minister. Selling quality art of impeccable provenance Galeria Aniela built a strong standing in Australia and internationally.

Galeria Aniela provides an independent professional service and experienced guidance representing clients best interest in the art market. We offer friendly service that others are unable to match. Whether you are a first-time buyer, an astute investor or enthusiastic collector, our people focused approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, please feel free to contact us to discuss ways in which Galeria Aniela can assist you now and in the future.

video Galeria Aniela Fine Art broker (2023)

Combining a wide network of resources with expertise in the Australian and Global art market
 from the point of the quality and the investment value, we assist clients in all aspects of acquisitions of fine art objects, shipping worldwide,  ensuring impeccable provenance and quality, helping save time and money. 



If you consider buying or selling work of
Arthur Boyd, Brett Whiteley, Fred Williams, John PercevalJohn Olsen, Charles Blackman, Garry Shead or another significant work of fine art, please contact us

Video Jamie Boyd, the Boyd family most important LIVING artist

The BOYD family exhibition in Galeria Aniela coup the front page Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National NEWS ABC TV and Sunday Afternoon ABC TV.

John Perceval Retrospective won the Australian National NEWS ABC TV and Charles Blackman Retrospective conquer Australian Art Scream SBS TV.


Works of art live for generations, constantly reborn in the minds of the beholders to bring new meanings, new dreams, new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Be part of this magic world of amazing fine art from the ocean of tranquillity to
concur the heart, mind and soul.

The vision of Galeria Aniela is to increase the awareness of Australian artists cultural contribution. With passion for art, hard work and dedication, we strive for high ideals to create a better future for the arts. When you purchase Art from Galeria Aniela, you make a valuable contribution to our mission of helping artists to make a living with their creations and together we make a difference.


Fine Art is one of the most enjoyable and viable
investments  essential to wellbeing
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