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Celia Perceval (B. 1949)

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Celia Perceval is a renown Australian artist. She is the second eldest daughter of John Perceval (1923-2000) and Mary Boyd, the sister of Arthur Boyd (1920-1999), later Mary, Lady Nolan. Celia Perceval work is represented around the world including Bendigo Regional Art Gallery, New England Regional Art Gallery, Admirable City Art Gallery Museum, Croft Castle Shropshire England Ireland, France, Portugal, Hong Kong, Japan, USA. Celia Perceval work is sold in the finest galleries and auction houses Bonhams & Goodman $24,874, Joel Fine Art $24,316, Lawson Menzies $22,212, Bringing the Cows sold for $97,005 and Picking Daffodils sold for $38,400.

 Browse Celia Perceval recent paintings at  Wagner Contemporary 




Inlet with Seagulls
Oil on Board
Image Size: 90 x 120 cm
Price: SOLD  

Celia Perceval, Major Mitchell Cockatoos in the Forest, Oil on Canvas, 90 x 120 cm

Major Mitchell Cockatoos
90 x 120 cm
Oil on board


Celia Perceval exhibits at  Wagner Contemporary 

Celia Perceval, Waterhole at Centipede Creek, Oil on Canvas, 75 x 110 cm

Waterhole at Centipede Creek
Oil on Canvas
75 x 110 cm


Celia Perceval, Red Boat with Bunny Tails at Kiah Inlet, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 90 cm

Red Boat with Bunny Tails
60 x 90 cm
 Oil on board


 Celia Perceval recent paintings at Wagner Contemporary 


AUCTION RESULTS - Celia Perceval

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Price excl. GST

Picking Daffodils

Oil on canvas, signed lower right: Celia Perceval,

51 x 61 cm, Est: $3,000-5,000,

Deutscher~Menzies, Australian & International Fine Art, Sydney, 07/12/2005, Lot No. 176


Honey Eaters by the Studio, Nethercote

Oil on canvas, signed lower right Celia Perceval, titled verso,

89 x 89 cm, Est: $7,000-8,000,

Leonard Joel, Centum, Melbourne, 09/05/2022, Lot No. 30


Crimson Sunset, Duckinwilla Waterhole, Queensland

Oil on board, signed lower right Celia Perceval, inscribed verso: Duckinwilla Waterhole nr ISIS Mt. Qld,

122 x 90 cm, Est: $10,000-15,000,

Menzies, Australian & International Fine Art & Sculpture, Sydney, 28/03/2019, Lot No. 101


Flowering Banksias with Red Faced Galahs 2001

Oil on canvas, signed lower right Celia Perceval, titled and dated verso,

95 x 126 cm, Est: $6,000-8,000,

Leonard Joel, Fine Art, Melbourne, 02/06/2020, Lot No. 57


Bringing in the Boat, Kianinny Bay

Oil on canvas, signed lower right Celia Perceval, titled verso,

61 x 76 cm, Est: $7,000-9,000,

Leonard Joel, Fine Art, Melbourne, 22/09/2020, Lot No. 105


Cutting the Thistles with Starlings 2015

Acrylic on paper laid on board, signed, dated, and inscribed lower right Celia Perceval/ France/ 15,

70 x 104 cm, Est: $6,000-8,000,

Leonard Joel, Fine Art, Melbourne, 22/09/2020, Lot No. 45 


Abandoned Orchard in Flower

Oil on canvas, signed lower right Celia Perceval, titled verso,

76 x 101 cm, Est: $4,000-6,000,

Leonard Joel, Fine Art, Melbourne, 02/06/2020, Lot No. 54


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Celia Perceval Biography  


Celia Perceval was born in Melbourne in 1949, a second daughter of Lady Mary Nolan (Boyd) and the late John Perceval (1923-2000). She is a landscape painter travelling and painting on location in Australia and Europe. Celia’s work is in many private and public collections in Australia and around the world.

Celia Perceval is a renowned Australian artist and a well regarded Australian artist. Her work is highly sought after by Australian and International collectors.

Celia belongs to the distinguished Boyd artistic dynasty that began in 1886 with the marriage of Emma Minnie à Beckett (1858-1936) and Arthur Merric Boyd (1862-1940). Celia is a second daughter of John Perceval  (1923-2000) and Arthur Boyd's sister Mary, Lady Nolan.

Celia Perceval is a self-taught painter, first exhibited at the age of sixteen. She developed her inspiration for drawing and painting in the artistic environment created by her parents John Perceval (1923-2000) and Mary Boyd. Celia has been continuously painting since her early age and holding first exhibition in 1966 when she was just 16.

Celia is a famous artist in her own right and well-known for her heavily textured and expressive paintings of the Australian bush often focusing on the coastal bush-land.

Celia travelers extensively to paint the Australian bush, often setting up camp in remote areas such as The Stirling Ranges in WA, the Flinders Ranges in SAa and the Gulf and Cape areas of Queensland. She believes that painting 'on the spot' enhances the effect of the painting - capturing the light and atmosphere of the landscape.

Celia Perceval paintings are sold in some of the finest art galleries as well as major auction houses: Dutscher Menzies sold $97,005, Bonhams & Goodman $24,874, Joel Fine Art $24,316, Lawson Menzies $22,212, Christies $10,584. Celia’s work is represented in many private and public collections in Australia and around the world.

PHOTO: Celia Perceval working in the bush, painting en plein air


Bendigo Regional Art Gallery

New England Regional Art Gallery

Admirable City Art Gallery Museum

Croft Castle, Shropshire England

Private Collections England, Ireland, France, Portugal, Hong Kong, Japan, USA


1963 - Celia travelled with her parents by sea to England- Visited ports such as Celon (India), The Red Sea and Europe. Celia's youthful experiences of different cultures and landscapes had an everlasting effect on her drawing and painting.

1965 - Perceval family returned to Australia. Celia often painted with
John Perceval
, her father in the bush around the ACT.

1966 - She exhibited her work for the first time in Canberra at the age of 16 years.

1967 - Celia married and moved back to London where her son Timothy was born.

1968 - She went to live and work in the small village of Tourrettes sur Loup in the South of France. Here she made hundreds of drawings of the village people (some pieces were later exhibited at the Crernorne Gallery, Sydney). Celia then moved to a tiny hamlet in northern Italy to continue drawing the people and landscape of the area. Although she spend much time painting in countries such as France, Italy, England, Ireland, Wales and India, she would continually make many trips back to Australia as she maintained a deep affection for the bush that shaped her childhood.

1971 - London Hilton Art Gallery solo exhibition

1972 - Cremorne Gallery, Sydney exhibition

1973 - Australian Galleries, Melbourne - Travelled for 18 months on a painting trip around Australia

1975 - Bonython Gallery, Sydney

1976 - Australian Galleries, Melbourne. She travelled to Europe visiting many countries including Thailand, Afghanistan, Nepal and Turkey, settled in Wales where she built her studio from 17th century ruins, based for 12 years whilst painting throughout the United Kingdom and Europe made regular painting trips back to Australia.

1977 - Phillip Bacon Galleries,

1977 - Brisbane, Armidale City Art Gallery, New England

1978 - The Marches Gallery, Wales

1979 - Australian Galleries, Melbourne

1980 - Barry Stern Galleries, Sydney, Abercrombie Gallery, Melbourne

1983 - Qantas Gallery, London

1984 - Abercrombie Gallery, Melbourne

1985 - Marches Gallery, Wales

1986 - Boarder Arts Festival, Wales

1987 - Boarder Arts Festival, Wales, Painting trip to India and throughout Australia

1988 - Returned to live permanently in Australia

1990 - Exhibition at Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney

1991 - Cooks Hill Gallery, Newcastle

1992 - Gould Galleries, Melbourne, moved to North Queensland

1993 - Gould Galleries, Melbourne

1993 - Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney

1995 - Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney

1996 - Gould Galleries, Melbourne

1997 - Celia built her studio in the hill on the Sapphire Coast where she now lives and works.

1999 - Galleria Aniela, Kangaroo Valley, Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney

2002 - Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney

2004 - Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney, Linton and Shaw Fine Art Gallery, Perth

Celia Perceval is showing at Wagner Contemporary  - Celia recent paintings




the ABC TV National News Perceval Retrospective in Galeria Aniela, August 2000VIDEO ABC TV John Perceval in Galeria Aniela Australian National News (gallery site)

VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News John Perceval Retrospective in Galeria Aniela

VIDEO YouTube: ABC TV Australian National News in Galeria Aniela

VIDEO YouTube: ABC TV Sunday Afternoon  in Galeria Aniela

VIDEO gallery site: ABC TV Australian National News

VIDEO gallery site: ABC Sunday Afternoon Review exhibition in Galeria Aniela

VIDEO gallery site: ABC TV National News | John Perceval Retrospective

Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela hosted and exhibited world-class artists and received celebrities such as Sir David Attenborough, Cameron O’Reilly, Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, built a strong standing in Australia and internationally.

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Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela exhibited world-class 
artists and received celebrities including Sir David Attenborough, Cameron O’Reilly and Hon Bob Hawke, Australian Prime Minister. Galeria Aniela built a strong standing in Australia and internationally.

Video |Jamie Boyd, the Boyd family most important LIVING artist

The BOYD family exhibition in Galeria Aniela coup the front page Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National NEWS| ABC TV and Sunday Afternoon |ABC TV.

John Perceval Retrospective won the Australian National NEWS |ABC TV and Charles Blackman Retrospective conquer Australian Art Scream |SBS TV.


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ABC TV National NEWS Boyd   Sunday Afternoon ABC TV BOYD   John Perceval AO Retrospective


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