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 The impressive ECO House

Welcome to the ECO House

Architecturally designed and ecologically friendly, the large residence features high ceilings, expansive 5 living rooms, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Crafted from cool mud-bricks, the home attains one of the highest energy ratings and requires no additional heating or cooling. With a northerly aspect and centrally located position, the property perfectly captures the balance of serene privacy and panoramic views.

Combined with the 7.9 acres of beautiful gardens creates a true living work of art.

The property is a world apart and many say that it's a work of art in itself.

This Australia’s most beautiful home is nestled in the picturesque Kangaroo Valley, a top 10 holiday destination in Australia.

A very successful Art Gallery selling top-quality art to a worldwide buyer base, it can also run Cafe and Accommodation

 A World apart but not away!

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the pristine escarpment surrounding Kangaroo Valley, The Eco-House sits amid 7.9 acres of landscaped gardens.

Designed to be a property of distinction, careful consideration has been given to create a harmonious integration of the residence and gardens into this wondrous location, with ecologically sustainable principals being utilised wherever possible.

Currently incorporating a very successful fine art gallery selling top quality art to a worldwide buyer base, the property would also lend itself to being an exclusive bed and breakfast, a boutique reception location, or simply as a magnificent family home.

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The Impressive Eco-Home

6m ceilings and expansive rooms

With a northerly aspect and centrally located position, the property presents an unrivalled perspective of the mountains and captivating views that extend through 360 degrees onto the Valley escarpment.

The home features 5 living-rooms and a well-equipped kitchen with big walk-in-pantry,
4 large bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Master with Sun-room and a double Spa.

Crafted from cool mud-bricks and warm timbers, the building has attained one of the highest energy ratings, and requires no additional heating or cooling.

A superb palette of finishes perfectly complements the eco-feel of the home, including luxurious African ‘Sahara’ slate and selected timber floors.

The ECO House, one of Australia’s most beautiful homes  Share on Facebook

Additional features include a number of reverse cycle air-conditioning, open fires, security cameras and back to base alarm, also 2 car garage/shed and additional carport, as well as secured parking for 14 cars plus more.


7.9 acres of park-like gardens

This is a picture perfect location of your own veritable paradise, no sight of neighbours but magnificent views of beautiful escarpment and awe-inspiring hills.

The low-maintenance gardens are designed to attract colourful array of native birds.

The garden’s natural beauty is enhanced by cultivated flora providing fruits flowers all around the year, including apples, plums, cherries, cranberries, blueberries, and a range of citrus trees.

Designed along the principals of sustainability, this succulent oasis includes an ECO Enviro-cycle watering system that recycles all water into the garden, a tranquil bore fed lily covered dam, and four huge rainwater tanks to provide drinking water.


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The ECO House, one of Australia’s most beautiful homes,  Share on Facebook



The ECO House, one of Australia’s most beautiful homes, share Share on Facebook



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A centrally located - Welcome

Enjoy the very best of the Shoalhaven. Kangaroo Valley is the 10 Australia's best holiday destination and considered one of New South Wales’ most beautiful country areas, with a rich colonial history and many local natural features.

Located less than two hours from Sydney, The Eco-House is mere minutes from many attractions including the quaint township of Kangaroo Valley, the historic Berry township, Seven Mile Beach, beautiful Jervis Bay or the wilderness of Morton National Park The Shoalhaven area is also gaining a strong reputation as an emerging cultural destination and offers a plethora of gourmet eating spots, historic pubs, wineries, picturesque bushwalks and stunning pristine beaches, meaning you will never be short of options of what to do.


The ECO House, one of Australia’s most beautiful homes Share on Facebook Email  to make an appointment   Text: 0409 980 618

A superb rural retreat nestled within the picturesque escarpment surrounds of Kangaroo Valley. The commanding ecologically friendly residence perfectly captures the balance of serene privacy and panoramic views, and combines with the 7.9 acres of beautifully maintained gardens to create a true living work of art. At present this stunning property is running a very successful art gallery (Galeria Aniela) selling high-quality art to a worldwide buyer base with more business potential.

Adobe (mud-brick) structures are extremely durable and account for some of the oldest extant buildings on the planet. The Large Adobe bricks (25cm/10in x 36cm/14in) were used for its thermal capabilities and provide excellent stability. The thick Adobe walls are very effective at controlling inside temperature, and contribute to its longevity as a building material. During winter the massive Adobe walls serve as a heat reservoir (due to the thermal properties) absorb heat from the sun (radiation) and from the surrounding air and transfer heat to the living space. Clean, fresh water is kept in four vast water tanks, underground water (bore water) is available.

Mud-brick (Adobe) residences are the most comfortable and compared to brick houses, Adobe offers significant advantages, due to the greater thermal mass. Mud Brick is a natural building material for thousand years since the Late Bronze Age from the eighth century BC. The largest adobe structure ever made was the Bam Citadel also the Huaca del Sol in Peru (with 100 million signed bricks), the cedillas of Chan Chan and Tambo Colorado. Adobe buildings are widespread in the Middle East, North Africa, South America, south-western North America and Spain used by the Mayans and indigenous peoples of America in the South-western United States, Mesoamerica, and the Andean region of South America.

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