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Edward Willson B.1975

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Edward Willson is an Award winning sculptor. He works in variety of mediums but finds his greatest passion in stone, mainly granite. Willson creates stunningly beautiful sculptures. Galeria Aniela offers an opportunity to purchase museum-quality art of impeccable provenance

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Artist: Edward Willson
Title: Give and- Take
Size: 36 cm high

Artist: Edward Willson
Medium: Sandstone Limestone

Size: 40 cm high

We offer an opportunity to purchase museum-quality original art of impeccable provenance

Artist: Edward Willson
Title: Return to Sender
  Medium: Granite
50 cm high

Artist: Edward Willson
Title: Sunday
Medium: Granite
45 cm high

Works of art live forever bringing new dreams, new ways of seeing and experiencing our world. Be part of the magic world of fine art to delight your heart and nourish your soul.

Edward Willson
Title: Whale and Baby
Pyrophillite on steel
Size: 40cm long

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Edward Willson Biography

Edward Willson is an award winning sculptor working in variety of mediums.

Willison was born in 1975 and raised in Canberra, majoring in art. He went on to study at C.O.F.A Sydney and majored in ceramics and jewelry.

Edward Willson finds greatest passion in stone, mainly granite but he also works in Pyrophillite and Soapstone.


Pyrophyllite is a phyllosilicate mineral composed of aluminium silicate hydroxide

Al2Si4O10(OH)2. It occurs in two more or less distinct varieties, namely, as crystalline folia and as compact masses;
distinct crystals are not known.


Edward Willson life

Born 1975

STUDY C.O.F.A Sydney

In 1998 Edward Willison moved to London and there he worked in photo labs, taking breaks to travel about Europe and Asia. It was in London where he first exhibited works in a gallery in Camden town.

In 2003 Edward Willison moved to Berlin, it was a turning point and he found his vocation in sculpture. It was there that he started selling his works in a gallery in East Berlin. His work was confined by living in a small flat and he worked mostly in clay and Paper Mache.

After Germany Edward Willison moved to Edinburgh and worked in the building industry, taking great inspiration from the growing towers he was working in.

In 2005 Edward Willison returned to Australia and realized the potential of a large working space of large studio-shed, his sculptures could now develop in size and stature.

In 2007 Edward Willison and his wife moved to the far south coast of NSW and opened an Art gallery and framing shop. It was while living there he started to get more into sculpture and after having been given a block of Soapstone he began carving in stone.

In 2012 Edward Willison had his first solo show at the
Ivy Hill gallery
Wapengo NSW.

In 2013 year Edward Willison was awarded the Ivy Hill award at
Bermagui Sculpture on the Edge exhibition, which he has exhibited every year since 2008.

In 2014 Edward Willison won the Australian National University residency prize at Lake Light Jindabyne. While at the A.N.U he got involved with bronze casting and he hopes to explore further into bronze.

Edward Willison continues to live with his family work from his studio in Beautiful Bermagui on South Coast. His work lies in private collections in Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany and China.

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Artist Statement

In my work I try to represent slight human form mixing or imitating nature. Suggesting some sort of relationship developing in the stone, letting the viewer decide what it really is or is not.

Working with stone allows me to express the style far more generously than other mediums would.

I take great inspiration from the British school of sculpture from the 20th century and Roman and Egyptian as well. 

My surroundings also feed me with ideas from trees, snakes and eels to deep outer space. Space also lies in the cavities that are cut out of many of my works. This I find this gives a whole to new lease of life and light to the sculpture.

Geologically I enjoy the history of the stone, and realize that sometimes you can be working on a stone that is 350 million years old. Learning about the stone also helps one understand how to utilize it.

For me sculpting is not something you do, it is my passion it's a way of life.


Galeria Aniela offers an opportunity to purchase top-quality original worksof impeccable provenance


Australia, USA, New Zealand, England, France, Germany and China




2015 March, Sculpture on the Edge, Bermagui NSW

2014 October, School of Art - School of Art - ANU the end of residency exhibition, Canberra ACT

2014 July, Love and Desire, Spiral Gallery, Bega NSW

2014 September, Petana Gardens, Milton NSW

2014 April, Lake Light Sculpture, Jindabyne NSW

2014 March, Sculpture on the Edge, Bermagui NSW

2013 September, Sculpture on the Edge, Shop 7 Gallery, Bermagui

2013 March, Lake Light Sculpture, Jindabyne NSW

2013 March, Sculpture on the Edge, Bermagui NSW

2012 August, Metamorphosis, Spiral Gallery, Bega NSW

2012 November, Ivy Hill Gallery, Wapengo NSW

2012 March, Sculpture on the Egde,  Bermagui NSW

2011 March, Sculpture on the Edge, Bermagui NSW

2010 July, The Footy Show, Bega Regional Gallery

2010 March, Permaguea, Soulique Bermagui NSW

2010 March,  Sculpture on the Edge Bermagui

2009 March,Sculpture on the Edge  Bermagui NSW

2009 Feb, Erotic Art Exhibition Cobargo NSW

2008 October, Rode Road ATVP Gallery, Newtown Sydney

2008 March, Sculpture on the Edge, Bermagui

2003  Clay and Paper Mache sculpture Art gallery in East Berlin Germany

1998  First Solo Sculpture Exhibition London art gallery in Camden town England

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